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Has your work at home mom business just kind of happened, has it taken off without any planning and left you lagging behind? As odd as it sounds, it happens. Some women get lucky and find a work at home job by accident. If it’s happened to you and now you’re overloaded with work requests but you can’t seem to get it all together then it’s time to take a look at your options.

My best friend’s sister made a beautiful anniversary cake for a party held at her local church. Just two weeks later, she already had seven orders and nearly four years later she’s still taking orders derived from that one party. Sounds amazing but you’d have to taste her cakes to fully understand!

I’ve searched over message boards across the Internet and I hate to say it, it’s a common problem for many work at home moms.

So when your business takes over when you didn’t plan it to begin with the first step is to recognize you are a work at home mom now and here’s your first question, why do you need to hire someone to help you with your business? Are daily household chores taking away precious time or is it direct business issues?

If you’re answer was, household chores then you may not need to hire a business assistant but some domestic help would be a hand up. Before you say, “I can’t afford it”, think of what you could accomplish business wise first. The potential profits that you could earn may in fact off set the cost of some extra help around the house and even though it may not feel so great to let of some of that profit, it may be necessary to keep you in business.

Don’t dish out more than you can afford. If your lawn needs to be cut every week and you can’t afford the steep rates of the local landscaper, don’t give up. Newspaper ads are $5-$10, run an ad for part-time lawn help. You’d be surprised at how many young teens respond. The problem with some young teens is they don’t understand that they are inexperienced and must start at a low wage instead of earning big bucks like established lawn care professionals. Remind them of that, negotiate an acceptable wage and a schedule that works. Also let your teen know that you are willing to provide a reference for future work.

Hire a part-time teen for lawn work, laundry, babysitting, and general cleaning or even to exercise your pets. Teens really appreciate the extra income and you get a break.

If you’re answer was that you really need someone to help out with your business, that may be a problem.

For example, baking cakes isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are a lot of technical aspects to baking a cake that just anyone can’t do and if this rings true to your type of business as well then take a long hard look at what you’re assistant would be responsible for. In a cake business recipes are outlined to an art. If you’re assistant can follow directions to baking a cake, it could free up a lot of your time unless you’re running into time consumption derived from decoration and in this case, you may need someone with experience. A good cake decorator may not be cheap so how much more could you roll out by investing in hiring one?

There are a great many services available for work at home moms that may not be available locally. Virtual assistants can take over some parts of your business and the best thing about a virtual assistant is most are available on a per project basis rather than full-time employment. If you find that there are particular times when you are overloaded with invoicing for example, the Internet is full of virtual assistants who are knowledgeable and can handle your extra work.

Are you a work at home auctioning mom? If shipping is taking over your home, consider hiring a full-time packaging business but be careful. If you’ve spent lots of time putting quality into your shipping techniques, materials you use and have made sure that your product arrives picture-perfect then make sure that a packaging service will do just the same.

Before you decide to hire someone, explore all the possibilities and before you make a presumptuous decision that a particular service may be too expensive, check it out. Get the facts, weigh out the possible advantages or disadvantages and never sign any type of contract with a provider unless you know that you’re making the right choice for your work at home mom business.

Written by Lisa Gonzalez exclusively for