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Here are some further tips for email success:

Grab them in the first sentence. As noted earlier, this is the first thing the recipient sees. Make it grab and hold their attention. A poorly crafted first line will cause the mail to be deleted immediately.

A Bad Opening

A lot of businesses fail in their first year because they don’t spend enough money on marketing.

A Good Opening

Did you know that 80% of new businesses fail within their first year? And that half of those that do make it won’t celebrate their fifth anniversary? The reason: Poor marketing!

See how the statistics grabbed you? If you were a new business, this would get your attention. It would draw you in to find out more because you don’t want to become a statistic too.

Put your name to it. Don’t forget to put your name at the bottom of your email. People like to place names with businesses.

PSST! Although it’s not mandatory, a P.S. is usually read. Recipients are used to receiving them in personal messages from friends. Make it sound personal. Offer an extra tip, hint or piece of information that supports the rest of your email.

Signature. Don’t forget to use your signature capability. This is the piece of information that appears at the bottom of all your emails. Use it to include your company name, address, phone number, email address and web address. Feel free to add your slogan in as well. Many email programs allow you to integrate your logo as well. If it’s possible, do it! This is an often-overlooked marketing opportunity.

Test twice, send once. Before you ever send your email off to your list, be sure you send it to yourself first. This way you can see what the recipient will see and be able fix any glaring errors or formatting problems before 10,000 customers get your message.