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As stated earlier, it’s vital to the success of your marketing that you keep your name out in front of the customer. The old adage, “Out of sight, out of mind” applies to business as well as romance.

Effective and regular emails will do four important things that will improve your bottom line:

* It lets your customers know that you are the best source of what they need.

* It keeps them informed about your products and services, including exposing them to those that may be unknown to them.

* It encourages new and repeat sales because you are top of mind with the customer.

* It creates secondary exposure as clients send your useful emails to associates and peers.

Here are some good examples of how you can generate more business and income without adding new customers.

Say you have a gift basket business and your clients are familiar with your services and use you for their holiday gift giving to family and friends. What they don’t know about you is that you also handle corporate baskets as well. These can be sent as thank yous for a job well done or as a welcome to a new client. Tell them in your email that you offer this service and give them 10% off on their first order for business clients.

What if you run a pet sitting service? Do you also offer grooming or training services? Do your clients know you do? If not, send an email out and offer a special promotion for nail clipping the next time they board their pet or maybe a frequent bathing club where every fifth bath is free.

Remember, it’s easier and more comforting for a customer to buy from someone they know and trust than to find a new supplier.

Here are just a few ways you can use email to capture increased sales and build solid relationships with your clients:

* Ezines – These are online newsletters that customers can subscribe to. It arrives in their email box every month and looks a lot like a regular web page with dynamic links recipients can click on. More on this in the next chapter.

* Preferred Customer Mailings – Invite your best clients to a special sale where they can realize special savings or purchase new products first.

* New Product/Service Announcements – Let your customers know that a new item has arrived or that you have introduced a new service they may be interested in.

* Special Event Invites – If you are part of a charitable auction where you have donated items, speaking at a special chamber meeting or leading a seminar or workshop, invite your clients to attend.

* Surveys – Ask customers to fill out a brief survey on your site to let you know how you’re doing or to gauge new services or products.