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How do you separate work from home when you work from home? The first step is to pick a place in home that is designated as your work area and should be used for nothing else. But not every space is your home is a candidate. Obviously bathroom comes to mind first, aside from that, keep the computer out of the bedroom, family or living room, or any area used regularly by the family. Establishing your “office” in an area with high traffic insures you’ll be interrupted all day either with questions, or distractions. If you’re a novelist and type out a bestseller with your computer in the laundry room, then more power to you. But to those freelancers who are essentially running small businesses with incoming calls during the day, asking a client to hold because you need to add fabric softener just isn’t going to make the right impression.  

Set Office Rules
Start with this one rule-“Keep out!” Since you probably own or rent the entire house or apartment you’re entitled to set a few more rules. We’re not talking about firing yourself should you take Post-it(r) notes to use in the kitchen, but you should have some guidelines for yourself and any family members.  Some house rules you’ll want to enforce include:

* Don’t let kids play in your office. Don’t let a spouse or roommate use it as a second closet or storage space. This is your business space and it should be respected. 

* Have set hours. Be consistent with your start time and don’t forget to eventually stop working.

* Get dressed for work. Don’t simply commute from the bed to the couch with your laptop.

* Eat a good breakfast-stay healthy.

* Go ahead, adopt casual Fridays.