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    How to make money from home.

Before you quit your job, let’s take a few minutes to evaluate the traits of freelancers.

The self-employed seem to be a born breed, and may relate with everything we list. If you can’t relate, don’t give up. These are traits that can be learned.

Self-employed individuals are willing to risk it all and don’t need the stability of a guaranteed paycheck each month (that is, if any paycheck is guaranteed.)  They are also creative and resourceful enough to win regular writing jobs. Their tenacious and stubborn attitudes drive them to succeed and their continual education and curiosity provides for a pool of story ideas. Writers work well alone and do not need the regular socialization an office renders. Freelancers are independent thinkers, leaders, motivated, self-disciplined, organized and passionate about what they do.

As much as freelance writers need creativity they also need organization and time management. This brings us to the boring, uncreative part of freelancing that writers would rather have teeth pulled than deal with: the business end. For many, being your own boss, setting your own work schedule, pay rate and work location is the ultimate dream, well that dream has a trade off in that you must run a small business, pay taxes, sell services, and fulfilling contracts. That little technically is what separates the successful freelancers from those who only dream about it.

Some other reasons that keep people from freelancing include:

* Unsteady work means unsteady paycheck.
* Nonpaying clients.
* Must provide your own health insurance.
* Must be a go-getter and highly organized.
* Lack of work socialization.

Don’t let these reasons stop you! Why not keep your job and start your freelancing career on the side. The shrewdness of quitting a job cold turkey to freelance depends on the individual’s preparedness, financial situation and business plan. Would it be sensible to leave a guaranteed paycheck while you toss around the idea of freelancing? That is adventurous, but not advisable. Normally a potential freelancer will maintain their present job while building a freelance business. Not only does the steady paycheck guarantee you won’t be evicted or go hungry, but it also lends start-up funds to your writing venture. Even after success with writing, many freelancers choose to keep their jobs on a part-time basis to secure health and retirement benefits.