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Selling your articles and stories to publications is the most popular and sought after form of freelance writing. To do this, writers study the needs of publications and either submit query letters (sales letters for article ideas) or full articles, depending on the guidelines provided by the editors of that publication. Writers new to the freelance world will find a welcoming amount of publications looking for submissions. Some pay ransom wages, most pay well, and some pay well, nothing. The freelance markets are detailed below.

Consumer Magazines
Consumer magazines are popular magazines you see at grocery stores, book stores and gift shops. They are probably the magazines you read. Every freelancer’s goal is to sell an article to this market, especially since it pays so well. A great way to break in is to start with a small article, blurb, tip or personal story. These markets accept both fiction and non-fiction. Writers need to be tenacious to break into this market. Keep trying, it can happen.

Depending on its circulation, newspapers can pay extremely well and many like to build regular relationships with freelancers.

Trade Magazines
Trade magazines are easier to sell articles to than consumer magazines, especially if you specialize in a certain industry or skill. These are niche industry magazines and a great way to sell your work if you are just starting out. Don’t think that you have to know how to blow glass by hand to write an article for a niche publication like Glass Magazine, for example. If you have niche business skills and knowledge such as winning government contracts or implementing new sales software you could easily have a feature publishing in a variety of industry magazines. Interviews and Q&As with people in the industry is a good way to get started, and some pay very well.

Literary Magazines
This is tough to break into and they don’t pay too much. What you’ll lack in pay you’ll gain in prestige for having your work published in a lit mag. Another bonus is that agents usually recruit writers whose work they see in such publications.

Pay is usually less than a literary magazine, but is a quick way to gain clips. Plus, no matter what your topic, there is a market for you in e-zines.