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It takes more than a reasonable bid to win on these sites, you must have an online portfolio, experience and a few catchy sentences highlighting why you’re the best freelancer for the job.  Later in this course we will go over resume and portfolios, but for now, let’s work on your unique selling proposition, or what makes you the person for the job.

Key points to include in your proposal include:

* A unique selling proposition, a marketing term, is what sets you apart from the competition.

o For example, “I will take your ebook concept and create the definitive guide while also making it enjoyable to read. Let my eight years experience as a published author/writer/desktop publisher work for you. I am a full-time, professional writer with experience researching fraud prevention and incidents. I have many resources to tap into for this ebook from FBI to other professionals in different fields that work towards investigating and preventing fraud. Please see my portfolio for recent writing samples. I’m published in a variety of topics: humor, e-commerce, business, travel, food, collectibles, auctions, soap making, etc. This bid is for up to 60 pages single-spaced. MY EBOOK BIDS INCLUDE RESEARCH, WRITING, GRAPHICS, REVISIONS AND CREATIVE PAGE DESIGNS. The final product will be delivered in Word and PDF formats.

* Stressing the buyer’s needs. How can you deliver what they’re looking for?

o For example, “I will develop an informative and instructive guide giving your readers a blueprint for building successful and profitable marketing campaigns. The ebook I’ll write for you will focus on how to create effective pay-per-click ads that generate sales. The book will also guide the reader on innovative and advanced bidding strategies, marketing strategies, understanding and tracking results, tips for listing ads, how to effectively use tools such as keyword selectors, ROI calculators and more. With five years as a writer specializing in online marketing, I have a wealth of resources and experience on the topic, I can write a book that puts a beginner on the same playing field as someone who has been doing this for years.”

* Establish a niche.

o For example, “We specialize in medical writing and restrict ourselves to it. With access to exclusive sources like MDConsult, PROQUEST, EBSCO and 2,300 indexed medical journals, our submissions are referenced and relevant. Expect comprehensive and captivating write-ups.”