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    How to make money from home.

So, you know where to find jobs, what to charge in order to see a profit, so now what? Now you must determine 1) Who will buy your products and services, 2) How to market yourself to win contracts and bidded projects, and 3) How many projects you must win, or articles you must sell to reach your income goals.  To determine this, ask yourself the following questions:

* What services or products will you provide? If you plan to writer reports or self-publish books, how much will you charge? Make a list of each service and product and create a brochure, or menu of your services.

* Where and how will you sell these products/services? What markets will you sell articles to?

* What are your output goals? How many articles do you need to sell on a yearly, monthly and daily basis to meet your target income? What number of projects must you win, and at what price, to meet your income? If you don’t figure out how many products and services you must sell how will you possibly know if you’re going to make a profit or go broke?