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For the same reason you would dress professionally for a job interview, a freelancer needs to put forth a positive image through a resume, portfolio, letterhead, business cards, invoices, basically anything related to your company that the customer will see.  Before  approaching a client or bidding on your first job, make sure you have the following:

* Dependable Internet connection

* Updated virus protection
o The last thing you want to do is send a client a virus.

* Reliable email that allows you to send attachments larger than 2 MB.
o Email address should be professional not @yahoo or

* Letterhead (electronic is fine to start)
o Make sure your name, address, phone number, email address, URL and title are listed on letterhead/business cards.
o Address should not be an apartment (change apt. to ste.)

* Business cards (you can get this for under $5 online.)

* Personalized envelopes (if submitting hardcopies of your work.)

* Phone/cell number should be designated for business only.

* Fax capabilities

o Professional fax cover sheet

* Proposal and invoice templates (electronic is fine)