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For a small fee, writers have access to auction-style job boards such as Elance or Guru which can be a regular and reliable source of income. These sites employ an auction system, meaning a buyer posts the details and budget of a job and freelancers from all around the world submit proposals and bids. Open bidding can last from one day to one month. A winner is then chosen from the submitted bids. If the winner accepts the project, information and payment is exchanged via the job site, which usually gets a percentage.

It is not uncommon for a writer to generate over $50,000 or more per year on these sites, but that doesn’t occur out of pure luck. To be successful you must create a powerful resume, put together a variety of writing samples, (published or unpublished) and develop a unique selling proposition to differentiate yourself from other bidders. Visit the sites below a view the different types of writing projects paying particular attention to the requirements and the pay rate. If you can, search closed projects and review the proposals of winning bidders. How did the winner present their services? Why do you think they were chosen?


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