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Most of us know that we need to advertise our products and our services, some of us still believe we are too small to invest in a advertising campaign. Now while a full-fledged marketing effort may be too much for your operation, it is however crucial to your success that you are involved in some kind of marketing activities.  While putting a few strategies into action will make a big difference to your business and will certainly help in reaching your intended audience.  However, if you do not spread the word about your business, no one will know you are there.

If you don’t create a successful strategy for marketing your business, you can’t build a profitable online business.   It’s therefore imperative to drive thousands of visitors to your web site, then convert them to paying customers.

How do you accomplish this?

Market With Consistency

Set up a clear marketing plan for your web site and stick to it.  It is the foundation of your business.

Use Several Marketing Strategies

Do not put all your eggs into one basket by only depending on one marketing strategy.  Just look at the latest Google update in which many commercial web sites which once had top rankings, dropped out of existence, instantly losing valuable sales.

By creating more than one strategy to market your web site, you can see which one works the best by attracting the most visitors.

Test Marketing

Continually test all your web site marketing strategies to see which one works the best.  Eliminate those that are not profitable.

In addition to optimizing your web site and making sure the content you have included is interesting and valuable, your goal is to make sure that others can benefit from your services and products.  But since your services or products are not necessarily for everyone, it doesn’t make sense to promote a business to those who will probably never use it. 

1. Email Course or Tutorial

Set up an autoresponder that will deliver quality information over a period of seven days. This means you have multiple chances of contacting your visitor and to promote your product or service at the same time.

2. Create a Newsletter 

Most folks don’t buy from you immediately but need to be contacted several times to put them in the buying mood.  Place a subscription box on every page of your web site.  Send out your newsletter every two weeks to keep in touch with your subscribers. Be sure to include original content along with new products you wish to introduce to them.

3. Word of Mouth

To help in making sure that word of mouth is included in your marketing efforts, each time you work with a client, ask if you can use them as a reference, especially if they’ve been happy with your services.  Even better is obtaining a testimonial to include on your site.  Personally, when clients comment favorably in response to something I’ve written, I immediately ask for permission to post their comments on my site.  I then include a link to the client’s web site so that we each gain in the process.

4. Gaining Access to the Right Audience
If you’re not sure how to target in on the right audience, think about your area of expertise, the type of person you want to attract and where your own specialty lies.  If you prefer providing your services to a large company, promote your products to a few major organizations.  If you prefer working with the small to midsize company, focus in on the smaller companies.

5. A Powerful Article

There is nothing more effective than a powerful article. Almost every type of business has something to teach therefore coming up with an article is not difficult. Some people think that it’s all been said before, believing they have nothing new to offer, but I absolutely disagree.  We each have something of value to share with other people therefore it’s only a matter of coming up with a unique way of saying it and running with the idea. Be daring and share something no one else knows about or present it in a way it’s never been said before.  Pay particular attention to your experiences and before long you’ll have great ideas to write about. Articles are the perfect way of drawing attention to your web site, business, product and yourself.

6. Website Page Content

Spread your best keywords throughout the content of your pages.  Include keywords in your H1 tag (main title) and H2, H3 tags (subheadings) as well as in the hyperlinks on your site and/or in outgoing links.

7. Networking with Others!

Are you making the most out of every networking opportunity whether it’s at a meeting, at an informal gathering or during a brief presentation?  If you’ve developed good rapport with someone on line, don’t be afraid to ask for some support.  You can usually read between the lines and tell if someone is open to your requests.  

8. Pay per click (PPC) search engines

If you wish to generate traffic to your web site immediately, set up a Google Adwords or Overture campaign.

9. Your Presentation & Marketing Collaterals!

As you give thought to the methods that you plan on using for marketing your services don’t be timid about trying something unique and certainly don’t bypass inexpensive ways of promoting yourself.  Continuously evaluate, test and refine your web site marketing strategies so that you can apply them to any product. These are the keys to building a successful marketing business.
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Van Tony Free, III has been in education for over thirty years and loves to write and publish in his spare time.  He has a number of web sites in number one positions on Google and other search engines.  Visit his site to find out how he became a successful home Internet Business Owner

Using Forums to Promote Your Business

When is work not really work?  When it’s fun!

Using online forums, also called message boards, can be a fun way to promote your business in a low key way.


You cultivate relationships with others

You learn about all kinds of topics

Your marketing message is presented without screaming advertisement

By answering questions related to your topic, you are positioned as an expert in your field

How to Use a Forum for Promotion:

First, find a forum that is of interest to you and frequented by people in your target market.  A great place to start is to go to and search for forums by keywords that reflect your target market. 

Next, I suggest you “lurk” or just watch the activity for a few days to get a feel for the tone of the forum.  When you feel confident this is an appropriate place to represent your business, introduce yourself.  Often message boards have a ‘New Members’ type place to post your first message.

After you have been welcomed, scan through the topics and post answers to questions others may have about your area of expertise.  Repeat daily or weekly.


Of utmost importance is to have a signature line that is added to the end of each message you post.  This is like your calling card, and is what makes this method so subtle.  You may be posting a famous recipe, but everyone who checks it out will see your business name.  Most forums have an account setting or options area where you can set up an automatic signature or you can cut and paste your signature each time, but this is much more cumbersome.

Don’t spam boards by visiting once and posting an advert everywhere.  It will give you a bad reputation – not what you need to increase sales.

Check the regulations of the board to be sure signature lines are allowed.  Some forums strictly prohibit marketing of any type.

Revisit your posting frequently to address any replies.  Also, add new postings of interest every few days to keep your business in the message board’s eye. 

Message boards and forums can be a very valuable marketing tool.  While you’re at it, be sure to check out the fun topics, too!

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Megan Corwin is a personal coach who enjoys helping work at home professionals grow their businesses while maintaining an organized household. Download Megan’s free ebook “How to Market Your Small Business Online for FREE”: