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Call the cable company first. Before you start calling production companies, talk to your local cable sales representative. Even in small markets, these cable offices usually have access to extremely affordable production companies. These spots can run as little as $150 to $250 if you use their production department to film your commercial.

Understand the limitations. If your commercial is being shot on Hi-8 or other consumer level gear using natural lighting, remember that your commercial won’t have the finished quality of a professional production. But remember too, that you didn’t have to shell out $100,000 either. Thankfully, digital video and editing equipment has become a standard in the industry. Effects such as nice transitions, titling, music and amazing special effects are all available on even the most basic systems. You can’t use iMovie to create your spot, but you can use Final Cut Express, which is a pretty cheap production studio. Whatever you do, remember that the true test of a commercial’s effectiveness is whether or not it generates business and sales.