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Let the pros who know do it. Because radio is all sound, it takes some specialized talent to create a spot that is lyrical to the ear, commands attention and still fits within the defined commercial time. Most stations can help you write your spot or direct you to an affordable alternative. Unless you’ve done it before, it’s better to farm out the writing. In many cases the station will throw this service in with a media buy.

Live or Memorex. A good live read is just as good as a good recorded spot. But recording a commercial has a couple of advantages. First, the production value itself. You can add music and sound effects, voices and other enhancements. Second, if you’re planning to buy on several stations, you can create a single tape and deliver it to every station. That way, you get a consistent sound and style on all stations so listeners will start identifying the spot with your business.

Voiceovers. If you are going to have a professional talent read the spot for taping, be selective. If the tape is being produced by the station, listen to other spots they’ve produced and pick the DJ that has the sound you want for your own commercial. If you’re interested in other voice talent, ask if they have sample cuts to listen to. Whatever you do, don’t use a voice talent that’s also on 35 other commercials. Yours will blend in with them when it should stand out.