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Getting media coverage – whether it’s just a short notice in the business section, coverage of your next event or promotion, or a full-blown feature about your service, product or business – usually begins with a well-written news release.

Regardless of what you’ve heard from the media about self-serving puffery, reporters still rely on this time honored and proven way to fill newspaper pages. The most important thing to remember is: make every release you send out newsworthy. If you send too many superfluous releases that are outright promotion of your business, reporters will start “round filing” every envelope you send them without even opening it up. Just remember the parable about Peter, the little boy cried wolf once too often. The same thing applies with the media.

What’s Newsworthy… 

* A grand opening or milestone anniversary

* A new product or service that’s innovative

* An employee of the month or promotion

* A major renovation, expansion or satellite office 

* Professional accomplishments and awards

* Sponsoring a local event or community service activity (painting senior homes, etc.)

* A new contract or significant client

What’s Not…

* An upcoming sale or anniversary not divisible by five

* A new product or service someone else is already offering

* New office hours

* A multi-level marketing program (MLM) unless you developed it and it is raking in millions

* A sales promotion gimmick (2 for 1s, midnight madness sale, etc.)

Well, you get the idea.

To maximize the chance of getting your news in the paper, be sure the information you provide is actually news – i.e., something your community would want to know about your business, service or products. Read the publication before you send your release. See what kind of news interests them, whether it’s human interest, business news, general news, community service, etc.