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Here is a sample of a properly formatted pitch letter:
March 27, 2006

Kevin Johnson
Business Editor
The Sun
689 Fifth
Anytown, WA  98000
Dear Kevin,

Economic development in Douglas County is on everyone’s mind these days. The question begs: how do you attract clean industries to the county that can spur the county’s economic growth while neutralizing the fear of creating a bedroom community for the Seattle-Tacoma metropolitan base?

Advanced Communications, Inc. is such a company. We are one of the new breed of virtual companies everyone is hearing about these days. We are small in structure, we operate out of a dedicated home office, yet we serve clients as far away as Toronto and Silicon Valley and as close as Bellevue and Olympia. What’s more, we’re pretty non-traditional in terms of our corporate culture and working style.

How do we do it? Technology. We utilize the Web along with traditional media to market our company, we use the power of email, videoconferencing and Web-based reviews to work with clients locally and nationally, and we bring dollars into the county through a relatively clean, high tech business.

Our successes are many. We have worked with such luminary companies as VeriSign, Microsoft, Pepsi and MTV as well as many regional firms.

But even more remarkably, five of our clients are from Silicon Valley. They found us on the Web, hired us based on our creative to develop their Web marketing strategies as well as several traditional communication projects. What’s remarkable about that? We have never met our clients face to face. All out interaction with them has been via video conferencing and emails over the course of the last two years.

We believe our story would be of interest to your readers and help focus attention on the fact that many new companies have already relocated here — to work where they want to live, not live where they have to work.

I will contact you next week to discuss the merit of this story. In the meantime, you can visit our Web site at to learn more about our virtual company and our services. You can reach me directly by phone at (555) 681-0000.

For the staff of Advanced Communications, Inc.,


Charles White