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Here are some more tips for tradeshow success:

Giveaways and promotional items. Promo items are always appreciated at the time they’re given out. Who hasn’t attended a show with the latest gimmick showing up in every aisle? A lot of exhibitors have promo item envy when another exhibitor has a hit on their hands. But does it really drive business or get attendees to remember the business that gave it to them?

Probably not. Tradeshows are a blur of sites, sounds, conversations and contacts. The result is a shopping bag filled with information, giveaways and trinkets. The recipient will typically dump the bag out when they get back to their hotel, office or home and sort through things. The kitschy gimmicks go to the kids or to coworkers. The information is edited and only the things that were most interesting in terms of the attendee’s needs are kept.

The expense of the items doesn’t really warrant having them on hand. A lot of attendees covet these items and will clean you out, even though you haven’t gained a single lead. Better to spend your budget on booth décor and handouts.

A final note: If you do decide to have promo items, place them in the back of the booth so casual visitors won’t just scoop them up. Hide them under a table and hand them personally to your qualified leads. If you’re going to hand out a $3 item, at least let it be to a solid prospect.