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The first step is taking enough time to plan your event or promotion. The more time you put into this process, the better your event will come off. Inevitably, something always goes amiss at the last second and careful planning will neutralize any crisis that comes up.

Here are some things to consider when planning an event or promotion.

* What is the purpose of the activity? Is it meant to build public awareness? Show customer appreciation? Result in increased traffic? Stimulate sales or donations to a cause of yours? Enhance employee relations or increase productivity?

* Who is your target audience and the key players?

* How important is media coverage? How can you make the event newsworthy? Does the event warrant the attention of media in the larger market?

* How do you stay within the framework of a specific budget? How do you interest potential sponsors and work with them?

* What are the target dates for completing the event or promotion?

* Does the project require a rehearsal? City or county permits? The closing of streets? Additional staffing? Rented furniture or accessories?

* How is the event going to be evaluated? Did your event generate the traffic or sales you expected?

* Did you stay in budget? Was it worth repeating as an annual program?

* Once you have these things in mind, establish a simple timeline and a checklist. Assign specific staff members to each task that needs to be completed.