Top Work At Home Moms
    How to make money from home.

One of the best home based businesses for work at home moms is being a nonfiction writer.  It pays well and it allows you to be flexible with your hours as well as learn about many new and interesting topics.

This section of the website will show you how to:

§ Recognize types of nonfiction and famous works
§ Develop sources for ideas and inspiration for stories
§ Learn the best markets for beginners
§ Be able to write creative nonfiction using your experiences
§ Become a freelance journalist
§ Make money writing your opinions
§ Tap into trade magazine and business writing
§ Get published writing restaurant and travel reviews
§ Enter the profitable world of ghostwriting
§ Exercise language tools of the nonfiction writer

It’s best to go through all of the topics in this section in order, then review to the sections that interest you most afterwards.  Topics are:

1.  An Overview of Nonfiction – Nonfiction is a genre with many forms of writing, but all rely heavily on accurate, credible and oft-checked facts and research.

2.  Where to Find Ideas for Nonfiction – Many of the most memorable movies are based on facts such as Schindler’s List, Raging Bull and Apollo 13.

3.  The Best Markets for Beginners – Words are everywhere and so are writing jobs.

4.  Creative Nonfiction – If you didn’t read the books or see the movies, no doubt you’ve heard of Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt or This Boy’s Life by Tobias Wolff. Both are examples of creative nonfiction.

5.  Freelance Journalism – Freelance journalists write for newspapers, magazines, radio, television and online publications.

6.  Opinion Writing – Do you have an opinion? Do you have a strong voice? Love to debate? If yes, then you have a future as an opinion writer if you want it.

7.  Trade Magazine and Business Writing – Trade magazines are niche magazines read by professionals in a specific business sector.

8.  Business Requirements – Don’t make the mistake that trade magazines or business writing has lower standards than mainstream publications like Cosmopolitan or People.

9.  Food / Reviews / Travel Writing – Book, restaurant, and travel reviews are also options for the nonfiction writer.

10.  Ghostwriting – Did you ever write a school report for a friend? If so, you know what ghostwriting is all about.

11.  What the Word? – This article shows you some of the tools of the trade for the nonfiction writer.