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Decorating kid’s rooms can be a lot of fun.  Achieving the perfect look and feel to make your child comfortable is best done by including your child in the process.  Ask for your child’s input and let him or her make some of the decisions. 

Obviously, some decorating choices will depend on safety, cost, and aesthetics, but you can find ways to keep your child involved.  For example, when deciding on the paint color, select paint chips in three shades of your child’s favorite color and let him or her choose from those three.  Do the same with bedding.  Offer three options that you find acceptable and let your child choose from your selections. 

Ask your child for ideas, promising to at least keep those suggestions in mind.  You might be surprised by how creative children can be and you might even end up using some of your child’s ideas.  Never pressure your child to choose something just because you like it.  You might also be surprised to learn that your child has much more discriminating taste than you would have imagined.  Children often have a keen eye for detail that adults do not expect. 

You want your child’s room to look great, but you also want it to be a space that your child can call his or her own.  Letting your child be involved in the decorating plans, and letting him or her help with the work, are great ways to make sure your child will love the new room.