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Any small child that is accustomed to staying home with Mom or Dad is going to feel at least a little bit intimidated when it’s time to head off to preschool or daycare.  Some children adjust easily, while for others the experience can be very traumatic.  This trauma can also be felt by parents. 

The following tips will help you prepare your child, and yourself, for preschool or daycare:

Take Your Child to Visit the Preschool or Daycare Center

While you may have already looked the place over, it is a good idea to bring your child along for a visit, before the big day, so that he or she will know what to expect.  Take your time and let your child explore.  Show your little one different areas, including the playground, snack area, and restroom, to make him or her more comfortable. 

Stay Upbeat and Positive

Talk up the center and all its amenities.  Be bright and upbeat when showing your child around, pointing out and commenting on fun and interesting things like different toys and learning centers.  Talk about it at home too, convincing yourself while you convince your child that preschool or daycare is a good thing.  Your goal is to help your child see it as positive event.

Help Your Child get Settled Then Leave

Help your child settle in and explain when you will return.  Your child may cry, but the longer you linger, the more difficult leaving will be, on both of you.  Don’t keep coming back to check on your child, unless you can do so without him or her seeing you.  No matter how much you miss your little one and no matter how sad he or she seems, you and your child will both survive the first day of preschool or daycare.