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Children are amazing.  When they are little, they really believe they can do anything.  This is a trait that needs to be cultivated and encouraged.  Parents must help their children believe that they really can do anything if they want it bad enough and work hard enough. 

This gets more difficult as children get older.  They become more cynical as they become wiser to the ways of the world.  As parents, we need to do our best to help them fight cynicism and realize their full potential. 

Encourage Your Children

Help children find outlets for their passions.  If your child wants to be a dancer, sign him or her up for a dance class.  Check out dance books from the library.  Sit down and watch your child dance.  Tell your child what a great dancer she is.  Also, help your child study and encourage him or her to keep grades up.  Explain scholarships and that with good grades your child can get into the best school in her field of interest.

Help Your Child Focus

Talk to the school guidance counselor, and help your child sign up for classes that are relevant to his interests.  If he wants to be an artist, he should obviously be taking art classes.  Try to find other art programs in the community that your child can participate in outside of school.  If your child wants to work in medical research, she should be taking specialized math and science courses.  This is why schools have guidance counselors.  Help your child take advantage of this service.

Cultivate the Interest

If your child wants to be a doctor, let her talk to the family doctor and ask questions during routine visits.  If your child wants to be a lawyer, discuss minor legal issues with him, such as highly visible cases on the news.  Perhaps your child wants to be a lawmaker some day.  Get her a copy of the Constitution and discuss political issues with her.  If you treat your child’s interest with importance, you will help encourage your child to fulfill his or her dreams.