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Sometimes it’s difficult for children to keep up with their homework.  Parents may need to play a more active role in making sure the work gets done. 

For some children, failure to complete homework is due to lack of motivation or interest.  For some, difficulty doing the work can be a problem.  Others may simply prefer to do something else. 

Parents have to teach children that homework is their responsibility.  Just as Mom and Dad have to do their jobs, children have to do their homework.  It may help to designate a quiet area that is specifically for homework, such as setting up a desk in your child’s room. 

It is also a good idea to set aside a homework time.  For some children it is best to make sure homework is completed as soon as they get home from school, before toys, TV, friends, or pets can distract them.  Other children may need a chance to unwind, grab a snack, or interact with parents before settling in to do homework, while still others will work better just before bed.  Try each of these methods and see which works best for your child, or come up with your own ideas. 

Another important point is to make sure your child knows you will help if necessary but that you will not do the work for him or her.  If you don’t fully understand an assignment, write the teacher a note and ask for clear instructions so you can help your child.