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It’s easy to get so caught up in the demands of parenting that we forget we are part of a couple.  We each made vows to that person on the other side of the bed that we’ve barely had time to speak to, much less enjoy, in the past week. 

As parents, our responsibilities to our children generally come first, but that doesn’t mean that your relationship with your spouse has to take low priority.  It should be right up there with your relationship with your children. 

Happy parents make for much happier and more secure children.  Our children need to know that we love our spouses as much as we love them.  We simply have to make time for each other.  We need to make sure that time is for Mom and Dad only, even if it just means fifteen or twenty minutes a day, while children engage in an activity. 

Give your children a picture to color, a video to watch, a book to read or some other activity to do while you and your spouse sit quietly and talk about your day or give each other a good neck rub.  You don’t necessarily have to go off somewhere, especially if your children are small.  Just make sure they understand that this is couple time and you are not to be disturbed. 

Some children may resist at first, unhappy that they are not the center of attention.  Be consistent and they will adjust.  Children need to learn that you will still be there for them and meet their needs, but that other people have important needs too.