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For parents with more than one child, especially those raising many children, it is difficult to give each child undivided attention.  Making individual time for each child is a good way to connect with your children and to make sure each one feels special. 

It doesn’t require an expensive outing or a lot of time out of your schedule.  Just taking turns bringing a different child along with you to the grocery store will allow for some one-on-one time.  Even when your schedule is particularly hectic, you still have to shop, so take one child along.

When things are a little more relaxed, try to plan something a bit more fun.  A trip to the park, stopping for an ice cream cone, or a bike ride make for good outings.  When the two of you are alone together, talk to your child.  Ask open-ended questions so your child feels free to elaborate on more than one thing that is going on in his or her life.  Take the opportunity to really listen to your child, and don’t try to solve all his or her problems.  Sometimes children aren’t looking for solutions; they just want to be heard and understood.

It’s also a good idea to reveal some things about yourself, although how much you choose to reveal is certainly a personal choice.  Just remember, a shared confidence can make your child feel closer to you.  Knowing that you struggled with math the same way he does, or that you were shy around boys just like she is, will show your child that you really do understand.