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The responsibility of being a single parent can be frightening and is certainly challenging.  However, raising a child whether alone or with a spouse or partner can be the most rewarding aspect of your life.  Some parents fear that raising their child alone will have a negative impact on their children.  However, most children who grow up in single parent homes are happy, healthy and well adjusted children. 

Your family dynamics is not what is most important to your child.   The important focus is on raising your children in a safe and loving environment.  Even if your child does not get to spend any or much time with their other parent, they have numerous opportunities to find supportive and loving role models. 

As a single parent, it is also important for YOU to find friends or family members who can offer you some emotional support.  No matter how good of a parent you are there will be times when you are frustrated or when your children are frustrated.  There will be times when you are not feeling well or when you are overly tired and could use some help.  When you need a little help, just ask!  Many single parents have the love and support of their own parents.  You benefit from the help of your parents and so do your children.  They have the benefit of having grandparents who play an active role in their lives. 

Other support people for you as the parent may include:  friends, your own siblings, members of your church and anyone else with whom you have a close relationship.  Often times these same individuals will also become role models for your children.  A child can never have too many people who love and care about their health and well being.  If their father is not a part of their life, that does not mean they cannot have “father figures” and strong male role models.  The same holds true for children without mothers who have an active role in their lives. 

Being a single parent does not mean you have to “go it alone.”  If you look around you and are willing to ask for help when you need some, you are surely to find plenty of people to provide support for you and your children.  Remain active in your community as well as in your children’s school and other activities.  Being a single parent may sometimes seem overwhelming.  You may wonder if you are doing a good job as a parent.  Chances are pretty good that you are an excellent parent with happy children who will someday grow up to be great parents themselves.