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    How to make money from home.

Many parents get frustrated when their children keep asking them for things that they can just not afford.  With today’s technology, there are many game systems and gadgets available that are easily compatible with one week’s pay for most households.  So what are the parents of today supposed to do?  The most important thing that a parent can do for their child is to educate their children on money.

Generally, you can start educating your child at a very young age.  By the age of five, your child should understand that when you need something, you must go out and buy it.  They may not understand the concept of “making change”, but they understand that you need money to buy stuff. 

To teach your younger child about money, you can set up your own “at-home-store”.  Purchase some favorite treats or perhaps some discounted toys.  Set up shop on an used shelf or even a closet.  Your child should have enough money to purchase one or two items from your store.  Just make sure that your child has “earned” his or her money by helping around the house or doing other things for you. 

Once you have paid your child his or her allowance or earnings, you can now let them into your store and pick out items that he or she may have enough money for.  When your child does not have enough money to pay for the thing that he or she wants the most, it is your opportunity to teach them about saving money, as well as patience.

Many parents start out by giving their child allowance and dividing their allowance in a way that will help the child be wise with their money later in life.  For example, if your child’s allowance is five-dollars, you can have them take half for spending, one-quarter into their savings, ten-percent to a charity of their choice, and the other fifteen-percent can go toward saving for something special.  This will teach them several things at once, such as saving for a rainy day, saving for college or even retirement, giving to charity, and frugal spending. 

As your child grows older, you can teach them economical spending in a real store, but still keep up with their savings.  While your child or teenager may balk at not being able to spend all of their money, when they get older and are wise spenders, they will look back and thank you for all of things you taught them.