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Every parent hurts when his or her child is sick.  No parent wants to see a child experiencing discomfort.  We want to take away the pain, and do everything possible to make our children comfortable. 

One way to insure your child’s comfort is to develop little rituals that can be practiced when your child doesn’t feel well.  These rituals can include anything from serving chicken noodle soup or your child’s favorite soup, to reading a special story or renting a special movie. 

Start by making sure you child is surrounded by comforting items.  If your child wants to lie on the sofa, let him or her bring a bedroom pillow and special blanket along to snuggle up with.  If your child has a favorite doll or stuffed animal, that special toy should also join your child on the sofa. 

Another good idea is to make sure things your child needs are close at hand so he or she doesn’t have to get up every time an item is needed.  Keep tissue, a drink, games or books, and other important items handy.  Provide a wastebasket or small trash bag to throw away used tissue.  Purchase tissues in fun packaging, and pick up juice boxes filled with 100% juice to encourage your child to drink more fluids.  Give your child a new book, puzzle book, or coloring book to drive away boredom.

Most important, soothe your child often with gentle touches, soft words, and reassurances that he or she will feel better soon.