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    How to make money from home.

No matter how terrific your website is, it won’t bring in any business unless customers can find it. The importance of traditional marketing strategies – advertising, marketing, word of mouth, publicity and public relations – cannot be ignored. In fact, these will be discussed in great detail later on in this book.

Search engines are the primary way people find your site. How well you optimize your site for them will help determine whether you site ends up on the first page or two or the five hundredth.


1.  What is a search engine? – A search engine is really three different programs working together as a unit

2.  What is search engine optimization all about? – To get your site cataloged as high as possible on the search engines, you want your site to be optimized.

3.  More about SEO – Find out about meta tags, alt tags, spamming and lag time.

4.  Keyword Research – As mentioned earlier, keywords play an important part in getting your site ranked properly.

5.  Links – While many search engines still rely on keywords for rankings, many others also include the number and type of links on a site.

6.  Getting Listed in Directories – As mentioned earlier, some search engines aren’t really search engines at all.

7.  Writing Articles with Keywords – Since search engines rely on keywords to rank your site, a good solution to improve rankings is to add more content.

8.  Article Tips – Following are some tips that will help your articles improve your rankings in search engines.

9.  Sitting Down To Write Your Articles – Before you worry about adding keywords to the body of the article, go ahead and write it first in your own words.

10.  Other Link Building Strategies – In addition to web pages, search engines catalog other content as well.

11.  Watching Out For SEO Scams

12.  More SEO Scams – Here are some more of the common SEO Scams:  1000 search engines, address bar keywords, shadow domains and protecting yourself.

13.  Avoiding Link Farms – Link farms were developed by SEOs back in the late 90s.

14.  Webrings vs. Link Farms – At one time webrings were highly popular.

15.  Buying Links – Buying links can take many forms.