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As mentioned earlier, some search engines aren’t really search engines at all. They are directories. Yahoo! and Dmoz are great examples of directories. A team of human beings actually controls the listings and rankings rather than spiders and software.

You can find a comprehensive list of directories to submit your website to, ranked by strength of the directory, here.

Unlike search engines, there are no standard ways to get listed in a directory. Each has its own unique needs. Some want a 15-word description. Others want 30. Still others need 200. You also have to do much of the work yourself. For example, when making a submission, you need to figure out which category your site fits in.

Follow each directory’s submission process carefully. Because of the large number of submissions they receive each day, moderators don’t have the time to fix incorrect entries.

When applying to a directory, be sure that your site’s title and description are solid in terms of marketing your site. If accepted, this is what the directory will use to list your website. Prepare for directory submissions by having your different length descriptions ready. In addition to 15, 30 and 200 word descriptions, prepare 7 and 100 word ones as well.

While Dmoz is a traditional directory, Yahoo! is a hybrid, having both a directory and a search engine. The search engine and directory both offer free listings, but the directory goes a step further, providing you with the chance to have guaranteed listings in the directory. Their Yahoo! Directory Submit program guarantees that your site will be reviewed by a member of the editorial team and you will receive a response within seven business days. If your site is accepted, they will charge $299 a year for the privilege of having a guaranteed listing.