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While we are well into the 21st century too many are still thinking about their business as they did in the 1990’s.

The face of business has changed and the Internet is a BIG part of that change. Today, anyone with a connection to the Internet and the ability to choose an opportunity wisely can succeed online.

Can you see the vision?

The common thinking about doing business online says “if you have a website people will flock to your site and make you rich”. Right?

Not exactly.

The key to success online is to choose the RIGHT opportunity for you. If you don’t, you could be overlooking thousands of unearned dollars and never experience the true joy  a successful work-from-home business provides.

In an Internet crowded with opportunity, what does a world-class opportunity look like?

Whether one offers products, services, or a mix of the two, all world-class 21st Century opportunities have these five qualities in common.

1. World-Class Opportunities Offer Products That People Want To Buy.

Notice, I did not say need.

The fact is; people buy what they WANT. If you can make them want your product, you will succeed.

When you offer what people want, your customers will return to buy from you repeatedly. That creates a foundation you can build on.

2. World-Class Opportunities Offer Products That Reach A Wide Audience.

To succeed in the end your products must have broad appeal.

Take the ‘baby boomers’ as an example. This group is large, in their peak earning years, and very willing to spend. Offer what they want and the world is your oyster.

So, what do they want? Let’s think that through.

This group is aging and will continue to age. They know that and don’t like it. While the emphasis on youth and anti-aging was once radical, the boomers have now made it mainstream. We see commercials on television for cosmetic surgery! Such a thing was unthinkable only 10 years ago.

Health is another passion of the boomers. They want healthy homes, healthy workplaces and a healthy lifestyle.

If you choose products that speak to the ‘baby boomers’ and their insatiable appetite for youth and health, you’ve picked a winner.

Another example is people who work at home. The watchword for this group is convenience. Convenience sells and will continue to sell because this group wants to work on their time schedule and from their own home. They want convenience.

3. World-Class Opportunities Are Easy To Enter And Maintain.

All too often people enter a business and then can’t maintain their active status.

Since your goal is long-term success, be careful to choose an opportunity that makes it easy to keep on succeeding. Avoid those which draw you in and then fail to support you or make it almost impossible to continue long enough to have a chance to succeed.

4. The Real 21st Century Internet Business Offers You Upward Opportunity, But Doesn’t Push.

If your goals are to throw all of your energy into your Internet business, learn everything there is to know about the product or service you offer and do more volume than anyone else on the world wide web, they will support you in that endeavor.

Hopefully, you will even have the chance to teach others your business and share in their earnings as well.

If that is NOT your goal, however, a true world-class business won’t make you feel like an orphan or pressure you to do more than you want.

5. Support Is The Last Quality Of True 21st Century Success.

No one wants to be convinced to begin, commit their money and their time, and then find that they have no one to go to for advice except themselves.

Having someone to call on, whether by phone or email, who has ‘been there’ and can offer guidance can mean the difference between failure and success.

There is an incredible amount of true opportunity on the Internet today. As you search for your perfect business, be sure to hold your standards high and never compromise when it comes to the quality of the companies with which you associate yourself.

After all, you are loaning them your reputation, and it will be your reputation on the line.

Finding these five qualities in an Internet opportunity is the first step toward achieving 21st Century success!

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Rick Mills is an independent consultant dedicated to assisting others in discovering proven home business systems. His sites exist for the sole purpose of sharing just how simple it can be to have a successful Internet business.

Relaxation Couldn’t Be Simpler

Many people use their sofa and TV to help them ‘switch off and relax’. In reality, television programs can suspend you n stress for yours, with depressing or thrilling storylines, violence and madness!

True relaxation is achieved when all tensions and thoughts are eliminated. Inside, you are calm, peaceful, yet alert and focused. You are in control and feel the strength of just ‘being’. The good news is, anyone can do it.

The aim is not to escape from stress momentarily for a ‘breather’, it is to develop the ability to maintain normal breathing and heart rate, so that you can stay calm and in control, in any given situation.

All you need is between 5 and 20 minutes of personal time to slip away somewhere quiet.

* Switch off your phone, ask others not to disturb you
* Sit or lie comfortably
* Just as if you were switching off all the lights in a huge supermarket at the end of the day, switch off all your thoughts
* Close your eyes – the darkness is soothing
* Now focus on the sensation of your breathing, feel the rise and fall of your inhale and exhale, listen to the air coming in and out of your body
* Feel how your body feels
* Don’t try to alter your breathing, it will change naturally as you sink deeper into the experience
* If thoughts slip into your mind, gently bring your awareness back to your breathing

This is all you need to do to relax your body and mind. It’s THAT simple. To really benefit you need to practise this ‘breathwork’ on a daily basis.

After a few days of using this simple technique, you should begin to feel the rejuvenating powers of true relaxation.

After a few months – broader benefits will become apparent – improved health, improved relationships, better concentration and memory.

But don’t stop there! With practice, it is possible to achieve this feeling of peace and calm at any time, enabling you to remain focused and composed even under pressure. Staying calm in a stressful situation is like having night vision when the lights go out – you have a great advantage!

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Kim Beardsmore enjoys the flexibility of working from home. Are you interested in earning money from home? We’re looking for individuals who have basic phone and internet skills to join our team of work-at-home-ers. If you’re serious about earning money from home and are willing to work (this isn’t ‘get rich quick’), then we’d like to help you grow a profitable business. We offer complete training, online and offline resources and a partnership for success. Visit today: