Top Work At Home Moms
    How to make money from home.

Learn how to take criticism without getting mad from the real people who are willing to help you. There are a lot of good work at home moms, the ones who will bend over to help you become established in your business. These are the women you will become best friends with, communicating with one another and discussing issues like best friends do. It can be so refreshing to speak with someone who completely understand all of the hustle and bustle of your life.

Working at home is a lonely job when the kids go back to school.

If you don’t have self-motivation to keep yourself going, your business will be shot before it starts to take off. Each day is a new day, each day you’ll find a little pirate e-mailing you, requesting your precious time.

Time is one of the most precious things you lack as a work at home mom, you better make a schedule and try to stick to it. If you’re just starting out, you probably can’t afford a part-time sitter who can clean and cook part time and that’s mean you’ll be the number one maid at your house.

Another important rule to remember relates to advertising. It’s quite a common practice on the Internet and that’s why it’s so important to stand your ground. Everyone wants a piece of the advertising pie and no one wants it worse than a work at home mom. Don’t jump on the first ad program that gracefully displays itself in front of you, wait for the next one and check it out too. The very reason you don’t want to jump on with an ad program, ad banner exchanges soon or whatever type, make sure you know what kinds of ads you’ll be hosting! A friend of mine about three years ago made this mistake!

She signed up with an ad banner program so I didn’t know much about them and my buddy told me all of these great things and some of the companies who advertised. My buddy nearly had a massive coronary! The next week when she pulled her site homepage up, there was about three different pornographic ads all over her site. She e-mailed the ad banner program company, to no avail and she was really making huge progress until her hosting company figured out she was advertising porno’s! Her hosting company pulled her site off because it was in the user agreement.

Now that you have some understanding about the work at home mom community, what side of the water are you on? Are you ready to be a work at home mom? If you’ve made it this far, consider yourself inducted into the world of “WAHM”. Follow these rules and much success in your work at home mom ventures!