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Trials and Tribulations of Work at Home Moms

So you have it? You finally did it. After months or even years of running into scams, dead ends and jokes, you’ve finally landed yourself a legitimate work at home job.

Mornings you now spent blissfully preparing your children a home cooked healthy breakfast while you are busily answering emails between pops of the toaster.

You do a couple loads of laundry and pop the kids in front of a Veggie Tails and you’ve just stolen yourself another half hour work spot.

Now this is when things usually get hairy.  If you’re not one of those lucky parents whose children drift off peacefully without a fight (are there any of those parents?) chances are there’s gonna be some kind problem between lunch and nap.

This is usually a good time to weigh the pros and cons of staying a work at home mom. Do you have the resources or time to devote to teaching your children new rules?  Because that’s basically all it takes to free up your work schedule an amazing amount.

The task is to develop a strong daily routine.  Children of all ages thrive and develop well while adhering to a steady routine.  Have breakfast at the same time everyday. Have playtime at the same time everyday. In doing this you will be able to provide yourself with several short blocks of time during the day to work.

Plan your phone calls for nap time or tv time when things are usually quiet.  Answer emails and do other computer work at times that your children are around you.  The more often they are allowed in the office area with you the less intriguing it will seem and they will quickly loose interest.
Do paper work after bed time to ensure no surprise chocolate hand prints or snotty smears.

Most find working at home is worth it.  It takes a little creative parenting and a whole lot of professionalism to work at home.

Thankfully, that’s something we all have a lot of.

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