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    How to make money from home.

Everybody has a secret recipe for that special dip, dressing, marinade or drink. You’d be surprised at the market that exists for these, particularly among those who regularly entertain at home. We know of one entrepreneur who turned her Caesar Salad dressing into a lucrative source of extra income. You can do the same, particularly if your mix  has a regional or international tilt to it. Regional specialties are highly prized.

Following are just a few of the mixes you can conjure up and sell:

Cheese Sauces
Mulled Wine Spice Packs
Popcorn Seasonings  
Pancake & Waffle Mixes
Pasta Seasonings & Sauces
Muffin & Scone Mixes
Pizza Crusts
Bread mixes

All you need to have is a love of cooking, a creative idea for a recipe, the ability to manage your time effectively and a good kitchen area. Be sure to check with local health authorities for regulations. Some do require a kitchen that is separate from the one in your home. They’ll help you determine what you need before you get too far into the business.

Gourmet mixes sell well online. In addition to selling the basic mixes, consider offering a recipe booklet for the product that can be purchased and downloaded as an e-book and a monthly ezine with helpful articles. Partnering with a local gift basket company may also be a good idea. And don’t forget to create a special mix or package for the holidays.