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If you want to sell products but don’t have any that you’ve created, you can opt to become a reseller of wholesale products. Sounds exotic, doesn’t it? In truth, that’s what the vast number of retailers in America do. From Wal Mart and Target down to the smallest dollar store, the traditional retail model of selling products purchased wholesale is a fun and profitable way to begin a business.

In the old days, of course, it was a fairly expensive proposition to set up a shop and start selling products. You had to find a building to lease, fill it with shelving and merchandise and constantly invent ways for to get customers to come through the door.

With the Internet, things are so much simpler and much less expensive. Places like, and a host of other sites let you become a retailer virtually overnight. Online malls allow you to stock your store with merchandise, set pricing, and through the magic of keywords and search phrases, people can find your store and purchase goods. Indeed, many retailers on sites such as Ebay are grossing six figures annually.