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A work at home mom usually faces a lot of adversity when starting up a business. All of the research a mother does, writing down notes using the light of her lonely monitor on late nights while her family sleeps peacefully, not only marks the beginning of what could be a success but also the beginning of some hard time that can add strains to relationships, especially marriages.

Women who find it necessary to stay home, yet bring in an income at the same time know how hard it is researching every aspect of the proposed business and making necessary changes to put the plan into action. Often times, household budget changes are necessary to provide a start up business budget. It’s not uncommon for mothers to disconnect cable television, reduce groceries to all generic brands, even sell off a family vehicle and decrease the amount of money a family spends eating out or going to the movies if not completely banishing the activities.

Along with budget cuts, family time is also cut nearly in half during the early stages so mom can categorically organize to be successful. Household chores are pushed to the side, the neglected bathroom becomes more and more neglected everyday and tempers can begin to flare throughout the household.

It’s hard for everyone to cope with the changes and that’s why even though a work at home mom may be making changes to benefit the entire family, a little extra TLC may be needed to get through the transition smoothly. Even though you may not have lots of time to devote to your family in the early stages of the birth of your business, even though time may be a valued luxury at times, make it.

A stay at home mom does everything around the house from scrubbing up stains out of the carpets, organizing closets, planning dinner, washing clothes, running errands, teaching the children, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting. it’s all in a day’s work. However when a business plan is on the table, dad may be picking up a lot of slack! If your husband isn’t accustomed to household chores or even if he is, he could still feel shafted.

The main reason to work from home is for the family, so don’t totally neglect them through the process and include them as much as possible. Show your husband new ideas, strategies, successful home businesses and other resources. Keep him interested along the way because when there’s no profit coming in, the house is a mess, the kids need a bath and dinner is burning in the oven, it could seem pointless to him.

Rest assured once you began making money, the budget will get back to normal, the strains will fade away and your family will once again be happy and prosperous. If your family is feeling the strains, here’s some tips to spend some free time with your family to let them know that mom still loves them!

* Take one full day off a week.

* Reserve one full hour of sit down and eat time with your family for dinner.

* Don’t give up special times with your kids, if you read stories before bed, if you give them baths before bed then it’s very important to keep those routines in tact.

* Make a late night date with hubby, if you normally go to bed at 1a.m. then tell him to wait up for you and share some quality time with dad.

* If there’s no budget for entertainment, explore nature! On your day off, take your family to the park, the lake or just pack up a lunch and drive until you see the perfect spot.

* Make your husband a handmade card letting him know how much you appreciate his help because everyone likes to be acknowledged.

My poor husband felt so lonely when I was in the early stages of all of my projects but he’s learned to deal with it, it’s my job. I work from home, I earn a living from my computer and sometimes he even says that he feels like his biggest competition isn’t another man but it’s my computer.

I admit that we had a couple of screaming matches because it’s hard to get an idea off the ground when you’ve never done it before plus with no income to show off the fruits of your labor, a relationship can turn sour and quick. My children were really young when I decided to venture into working at home so they never noticed any of the changes around our home but it can harder on older children.

Be good to your family, cherish them always and incorporate them into every part of your life, even in business. On days when I print out invoices my kids take turns pulling them out of the printer and they think it’s so much fun. They giggle at each other and my youngest presses “enter” on his play laptop like a big businessman. Follow your heart, you’ll know if staying at home is right for you and if it is, appreciate the changes your family will go through if money is tight. A work at home mom can succeed but not alone.

Written by Lisa Gonzalez exclusively for