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Here are some more Email Marketing Tips:

Avoid long web addresses. When you use a web address, use a short one. Don’t use one that is so long that it has to continue on a second line. These don’t link well and if a person has to copy and paste it, it may not work correctly.

Instead of having a web address like,


E-mail applications vary in hundreds of ways, but what they have in common is a basic text width. All applications will correctly display text that is 68 characters or less per line. While this “hard wrap” may sometimes result in excess white space on the right side of the page, it is better than having lines of hard-to-read, distorted text. Most good text editing software contains a feature to wrap text at a certain line length.

DON’T USE CAPS. Caps are akin to yelling. No one will read a message where the sender is yelling at them. AVOID SENTENCES WHERE EVERY LETTER IS CAPITALIZED. It’s not only rude, but it’s really hard to read.

Use double spaces. Don’t indent paragraphs. Many email systems won’t display them correctly and you’ll end up with a block of gray text. Instead, use an extra space between each paragraph.

Offer an unsubscribe option. Nothing is more maddening than not being able to unsubscribe. Make it as easy as possible for the recipient to request that you stop sending mailings. Your goal is to create goodwill, not frustration.

Make the subject line sing. The subject line is the first thing your recipient will see. Make the subject succinct and make it stand out.

A Bad Subject Line (too generic):

Save Money On Our Products

A Good Subject Line (specific and includes your company’s name)

Save $50 on your next order with Name of Company

Be concrete and summarize the offer. The subject line is not the place to be vague, verbose or tease. Just look at the sea of emails you receive each day. Which subject lines jump out at you and get your attention? Which ones do you delete without even opening the email?