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Now that you have a good list, you need to send good content. Nothing will sabotage your marketing efforts more than sending poorly crafted messages out to your clients.

Plan your email campaigns carefully. Use the email to educate your client and give them useful information that helps them make informed buying decisions. You want your emails to gently lead your prospect through the sales process by providing the information they need to make a decision, removing any roadblocks to their decision to buy, and getting them to focus on your business as the ideal one to buy from.

In putting together your email, remember that your goal is to build relationships and to establish yourself as a trusted expert on all things related to your line of business. By educating your customers and learning about their needs, you are able to establish a long lasting relationship.

Here are some effective email strategies:

Have a reason. Don’t waste the recipient’s time. Have a central theme for your email and make sure it is clear. The reason you are contacting the person should be the first and second line of your email. Summarize what you’re about to tell them and why you contacted them.

Build upon your theme. The rest of your email should support the first two sentences. If you’re letting customers know that you’re having a sale on a particular item, tell them about the sale with specifics and give them a link to the site. Never put multiple messages in an email. Recipients scan emails and may miss the second or subsequent offers.

Cut to the chase. Your email should be short and to the point. Tell them what you’re going to tell them (those first two sentences), tell them (body) and then tell them what you told them (the close). Don’t use jargon or long words when simple ones will do. State the most important things first and then work your way down from there.