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If you concentrate on delivering good content to clients, you shouldn’t run afoul of spam filters, particularly if you use a fee-based service.

That’s because filters are set up to detect and score certain words that are usually part of email solicitation by spam companies and these words shouldn’t appear with enough frequency in your ezine to garner the attention of filters.

Some of the highest rated words for filters include:

* Click Here
* Call Now!
* Earn $
* Earn Money
* Discount!
* Eliminate Debt!
* Double or Triple your Income!
* Work from Home!
* You’re a Winner!
* Information Your Requested
* Lose Weight
* Fire Your Boss
* Cash Bonus
* Get Ranked in Search Engines
* Consolidate your debt
* Guaranteed offer
* As seen on…
* Avoid Bankruptcy
* Meet singles
* No cost, no fees
* Please read
* Don’t delete
* Pharmacy
* While supplies last
* You’ve been selected

Quotation marks, dollar signs and exclamation points in the subject line can also trigger spam filters, as will anything in all caps. Most spam filters use a form of artificial intelligence to identify spam and can learn from the user’s settings and email habits.

Again, if your ezine is filled with legitimate and useful content, you shouldn’t run into too many problems with spam filters.