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Of course, an ezine is only as good as the promotion it receives. Be sure that visitors to your website can subscribe easily to your ezine. Putting a subscription feature on your home page goes without saying, but also create an ezine/newsletter link on your site so visitors can access the archive of previous issues. This goes for your electronic newsletter (ezine) and your print newsletter (which you should have on your site as a printable .pdf file).

Your ezine should also be promoted in your regular emails to clients, either as part of a P.S. or as part of your signature file. Be sure that it is a hyperlink so recipients can click on the link and go to a page that allows them to subscribe in a click or two.

There are many ways to advertise your ezine through online directories, groups and such. The success of these depends upon your line of business and the content of your ezine.

As with other marketing tools, remember that it’s far easier to sell something to an existing client than acquiring a new client. Concentrate your efforts on making sure your existing customers know about your ezine, subscribe to it and find it valuable, then expand your strategy to include new clientele.

If you do expand beyond your current and prospective client list, there are numerous directories and newsgroups that will allow you to list your ezine on their sites. To find them (URL’s change so often that it’s hard to provide a list of good sites), type “ezine directories” into a major search engine and follow the links and prompts for listing your ezine. It never hurts to expand your reach. Just remember that the vast majority of your time should be spent on marketing to your existing customers and prospects.