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March 27, 2006

CONTACT: Debbie Martin, Phone: (555) 683-2400


Planning one’s financial security can be a daunting process filled with anxiety. But thanks to places like The Money Retreat, the task is not only becoming more pleasant, but relaxing and educational as well. Located just one-half block from the Atlantic Ocean, The Money Retreat is a cross between a financial planning center and a bed & breakfast inn, offering a comfortable, relaxing environment for planning and reflection.

Created by author and financial planning expert Debbie Martin, president of Martin Financial, The Money Retreat invites guests to integrate their financial goals with their personal values. Each phase of the financial plan includes exercises to assist clients in clarifying and aligning their actions with their financial and personal wealth objectives. Clients reflect on the work during meal and overnight breaks while walking on the beaching or sitting in front of the fireplace, enjoying the peace and quiet.

“In our hectic world, it’s essential to pause and reflect on how we live our lives and spend and invest our money,” said Martin. “Financial well-being affects nearly every aspect of your life and you need time to consider its impact on the future you want to live. By working with clients in a natural setting, The Money Retreat program allows guests to relax in a home-like environment and work through their plans at a comfortable pace.”

The two-day program focuses on every aspect of financial and personal wealth, including investments, insurance, retirement, tax and estate planning and goal setting. Each client works directly with Martin on these areas and are then provided time throughout the process to do homework assignments while relaxing in the retreat or the nearby beach. Follow up meetings are scheduled for tax preparation, investment review and ongoing financial concerns.

“Creating a comfortable future is something everyone needs to do,” said Martin. “The Money Retreat simply allows individuals to do it in a home-like setting that gets them away from the hectic pace of everyday life.”

The Money Retreat is located in Satellite Beach, approximately 60 minutes west of Orlando Florida.

For more information, visit for call Debbie at (555) 683-2400.

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