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Testimonials are one of the most often overlooked marketing strategies, yet one of the most effective. People trust the opinions of others and if someone has something nice to say about your product, service or company, it helps reinforce and validate their own opinions.

Use testimonials on your website, in your emails and ezines – in any marketing effort you can think of.

When soliciting testimonials, be sure that you are on solid ground. Ask your customer if they would like to write a testimonial. Before you use any of them, be sure that you ask if it’s OK to use their name and title or name and company name. Some companies have very strict policies about endorsements. Nothing erodes goodwill faster than getting an angry call from a company about the use of a testimonial from them on your site. If need be, use the person’s initials and omit the name. A signed testimonial is what gains trust, not the actual identity of the individual providing it.