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Writing is attached in some way to almost everything. When you got up this morning and took a shower did you notice all the writing on the back of the shampoo bottle or soap box? While making breakfast did you see the company history or paragraphs about why the product is so wonderful on the containers? If you went out to eat you probably couldn’t help but notice the writing in the menu, placemats, walls, take-out menus, etc. On your way to work you passed multiple newspaper stands or machines and of course at work you receive newsletters, reports, the company’s annual report, employee handbooks, and marketing material. If all this reading gives you a headache you run to the store for aspirin and after opening it, instinctively throw away the folded up literature in the box. Everything you use or buy comes with a manual, instructions, and marketing materials. Open your mailbox and you might have community newsletters, ads, and direct mailers from companies. When a friend calls and asks you to pick a place to eat, you might grab the Food section of the paper and read a few dinner and movies reviews. Words are everywhere and so are writing jobs.

If you thought you had to be an employee of a large company, or publication, to write for them, guess again. For more than a decade the trend in business has been to outsource writing, instead of hiring staff. Another trend is that as more people try their luck at Internet-based ventures, more jobs are created for writers to develop web content, ebooks, newsletters, articles, and later revisions. Thirdly, content is king, and will remain so. Both new and established web sites alike are looking for current, fresh and ever changing content.  So, what markets should a new writer be looking at?

* Fillers: Fillers are sections in magazines and newsletter with quick facts, information or tid bits. Magazines are always looking for fillers, and they pay well. Even if you have a feature article in mind, pick through the article and look for bits of information you can extract and sell as a filler. 

* Ebooks: Online marketing has created a boom in the demand for ebooks. Ebooks are informative guides on any topic, and usually range from 20 to over 200 pages. Companies that use ebooks for marketing purposes entice visitors to register at their site in exchange for the free ebook. Other companies sell the books for a small fee. You could even write your own informative ebook to sell.

* Humor. There is always a market for smart, humorous nonfiction and essays that make a statement. We’ll get into this more in the creative nonfiction section.

* Copywriting: Copywriting is the text you see on products, marketing materials, sales letters and direct mail pieces.  If you are good at copywriting you will find success quickly. Copywriting pays well, the work is steady and the assignments are easy if you have a knack for it.

* How-To: How-to books and articles continue to be hot sellers. Did you recently spend an extensive amount of time researching how to do something such as obtaining the best deal on a new car, how to install more memory onto your computer, or how to decorate a nursery for under $500?  Then write about it! This category also includes self-help books, such as overcoming depression, being more assertive, battling anxiety, and dealing with disease.

* Technical/Medical/Financial: The advantage that nonfiction has over fiction is that creative and non-creative types can make a living writing nonfiction. Creative types can enjoy a career in all areas of nonfiction, while non-creative types can make a good deal of money with technical, financial, medical and some business writing.