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When I decided to start my own business in 1996, I wanted to become independent. I wanted to blaze a trail of freedom through my community, leaving a vapor trail of data entry and freelance writing for other small business owners to enjoy. I wanted to be my own boss and operate the business my way.

A couple of months into the operation, I noticed something. Each of my clients was my boss. I had been living a facade…a lie…I was not, in fact, my own boss. I had 20 or so bosses, each with differing attitudes, expectations, and demands. They call the deadlines. They sign my paychecks.

Consider the average workplace supervisor. He or she has a different mood for the day (or hour). Employees must guess which mood they are in and act accordingly. The boss has expectations, which sometimes vary between employees. These expectations are subject to change at any moment. Workers must be prepared to quickly adapt to their needs quickly, with little complaint.

Employees spend a great deal of time trying to earn their supervisor’s good graces. Some do it blatantly. Others operate covert missions to schmooze the boss. You know who I am talking about. Small business owners have to get on their clients’ good sides, too.

I absolutely love working from home and calling the shots. But coming to the realization that I had a variety of bosses really put the whole operation in perspective.

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