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Some parents feel that they have to take on all the housekeeping and other tasks around the home.  They would never consider asking their children to help out, due to some misguided sense of guilt, or a sense of culture, that claims they are stealing their children’s childhood.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Children need to understand that they are but one important member in the unit that makes up the family.  Every member of the unit must work together to keep the family strong, healthy, and functioning smoothly. 

By encouraging children to help out, parents also offer them the chance to achieve personal satisfaction for a job well done.  They also teach their children to be more responsible, considerate of others, and appreciative of the work others do. 

On the other hand, children should not be overwhelmed with a huge amount of work, or with difficult tasks.  Still, there is nothing wrong with assigning children chores that are suitable to their age and development levels. 

The smallest child can offer assistance by completing the smallest tasks.  It won’t hurt a bit.  In fact, the youngest children are often the most eager to help.  Let them do something so they feel as if they contribute to the family’s well being, even if it’s just helping to pick up toys, folding washcloths and putting them away, or holding the dustpan for Mom or Dad.  Doing so will increase your child’s sense of self and sense of being part of something bigger.