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A certain amount of sibling rivalry is to be expected.  People are unique, and that includes siblings.  Children are not likely to agree on everything all the time and they are bound to compete for parents’ attention. 

Don’t get too upset about sibling rivalry, unless it becomes extreme.  In most cases, you can expect quite a bit of arguing, bickering, and antagonizing.  Unfortunately, that’s life.  It is normal behavior amongst siblings.  It is an exercise in independence and competitiveness that children must experience in order to develop certain social skills they will need when they go out into the real world. 

It is best not to completely stifle sibling rivalry.  If things become too heated, you may need to step in to return order.  In most cases, if left to themselves, children will learn to work things out.  That is the goal.  Your children need to learn how to interact and get along with other people, without Mom or Dad acting as a constant referee.  Try to avoid getting involved unless it is absolutely necessary. 

As a matter of fact, most children will attempt to pull you into their battles frequently.  It is easier to have a parent settle a dispute than it is to work something out.  One good indicator that this is occurring is if one child consistently reacts loudly to every little thing. 

He or she will make certain to raise the volume enough for Mom and Dad to know that something is going on.  The child will then wait for one or both of the parents to react.  If no reaction is forthcoming, the child will get louder, begin to whine, scream, or cry, or may even knock something over to make a loud noise. 

These tactics will generally bring a concerned parent running.  If this happens frequently in your home, calmly approach your children and explain that you will not resolve all their battles for them.  Make them understand that they need to learn to get along and work things out for themselves.

Be consistent, and you’ll soon discover that your children can solve many problems amongst themselves.