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As mentioned earlier, keywords play an important part in getting your site ranked properly. You want to use these keywords in the invisible meta tags and weave them into your text as well so the spiders can read them.

Choosing and using keywords is a four-step process.

Generate some initial keyword ideas. Brainstorming is a great way to get started. Think about your business, products and services and come up with one or two word combinations that describe it. Be as specific as possible. If you’re selling women’s apparel, don’t use keywords like “clothes”, “pants” and “blouses”. These are far too general. Create as many keywords as possible. Ask others to help come up with keywords. Also, check your competitor’s site for the words they use, particularly if they rank high up in the search engine. Each browser has a tool in the pull down menu that allows you to view the source code. Keywords are near the top of the code and are preceded by a tag that says, oddly enough, meta name= “keywords”.

Check them on online research sites. Sites like Wordtracker and Overture will let you research how many times searches are performed using specific words. This will help you optimize your site and even find keywords that aren’t being overly used but which are perfect for your site.

Narrow your choices. Now that you’ve come up with some great keywords, it’s time to reduce their numbers. The ideal number of keywords for meta tags is no more than 1024 characters, including spaces. In your text, of course, you can use additional keywords and repeat the ones found in the meta tags. Just make sure that your inclusion of keywords in your content doesn’t make your copy sound stilted or even stupid. Finesse is the key in keywords.

Analyze their effectiveness. Now it’s time to see how you did. Check the various search engines to see where your site is ranked. Use your traffic logs to see what keywords your visitors used to find you and what search engine they went through. This information will help you adjust your keywords to increase your rankings and traffic on your site. Remember, this is a long-term process. You’ll want to modify keywords every three to four weeks, not three to four days.