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The purpose of the marketing plan is to define your market by identifying your customers and competitors, to outline a strategy for attracting and keeping customers and to identify and anticipate change. The marketing plan should be thought of as a reference tool for you, the business owner. Keep in mind, the marketing plan is a guideline and should be revised along with your business plan.

We cannot emphasize the importance of a marketing plan enough. It will provide you with focus, clarity and sustainability in your marketing efforts. It can be incorporated into the business plan where the marketing discussion goes. It is just a little more in-depth than a traditional business plan marketing discussion.

Executive Summary
* How your company is defined
* The direction the company is going
* Mission, Image and Vision statements

Situational Analysis
* Fact sheet about the company including a market synopsis
* A listing of Marketing Objectives

Market Overview (Summary)
* Situation Synopsis (summaries of what you are, do, company growth, competition, industry and economical trends and effects on company, company location and surroundings)
* Market Research or Customer Profiles

Market Demographics
* Analysis of primary target consumers

Market Needs
* Identify what the target consumers are focusing on for needs and budget
* How the company addresses those needs.

Market Trends
* A synopsis of the current, on-going and proposed direction of industry trends

Market Growth
* Market forecast
* Target Market Growth