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* Software. You will need a good Word processing program, a good web management tool and an accounting package. Microsoft Office is the gold standard of office tools for Word processing and other office functions. If you can afford it, get it. Chances are excellent that your customers and clients have the same software so exchanging files is a cinch. For managing your website, Macromedia Contribute is good is someone else designed your site. Otherwise, there are a plethora of design tools which are covered in greater detail in the Web section of this book.

* Broadband. If you are running an online business, you need to have a fast connection to the Internet. In most cases, your local cable company can install the connection using what is known as a cable modem. There are also DSL connections provided by phone companies. These companies usually offer different packages based on the speed of your connection. Choose something in the middle and remember that this connection is tax deductible.

* Printer. An inkjet printer will be just fine. These are relatively inexpensive and they are versatile enough to handle 90% of your business needs. Be sure you always have an extra supply of ink on hand as nothing if more maddening than being on a tight deadline and having one of the ink cartridges run dry.

* Phone. A cell phone is a great option these days as it allows you to have a single number for your business that you can take anywhere with you, even when you’re on the road. If you decide to use a landline, get a cordless phone so you can be mobile. A headset is also a good idea so both hands are free to do tasks while you’re talking on the phone. This holds true for a cell phone or a landline.

* Fax. If you are going to be receiving faxes, then you probably need a traditional landline in your home. However, you don’t necessarily need a fax machine. You can plug your phone line right into your computer and send and receive faxes directly from it. If you need to sign something, simply drop it on your scanner and send it as artwork. If you need to fax occasionally and don’t want to have a landline in your home, you can use a number of virtual fax services, including and These services provide you with a virtual fax number and the faxes arrive in your email box, just like a normal email.
* A portable workspace. On occasion, you will find that a project has consumed all available space. A good solution is to purchase a 6′ long folding table that you can keep stored until it’s needed. When a project requires more space, simply put the table up. Voila! More workspace.
* Office supplies. Visit your local office supply center and keep a good stock on hand of manila folders, pens and pencils, blank CDs, tape, envelopes, paper clips and inkjet paper.