Top Work At Home Moms
    How to make money from home.

Work at home moms, how many of them are there in the world? A bunch! Too many to count but just how many of them are truly successful? Are you a work at home mom, struggling or are you successful or are you simply dreaming of ways to break away from the iron gridlock of working for somebody else? No matter which category you fall under, guess what…much like rules you follow when working for somebody else, there are even rules that successful work at home mom’s must follow to get ahead. Lock the kids up, turn off all distractions and find something to gnaw on, because you are about to read over the mother list of rules to be followed by successful work at home moms everywhere!

Even if you graduated from an ivy league school of business, throw out everything you’ve ever learned about business aside from people skills and you’ll only want to keep about half of them. The truth is they simply don’t apply in the world of “WAHM”.

After you’ve cleansed yourself of all the programming that’s been slapped and beaten into your brain from years of graveling and back busting work, here’s the first thing you have to take into consideration about the world of “WAHM”.

It’s a dog eat dog world and there’s no other group that represents that better than work at home moms.

If you’ve ever watched one of those featured documentaries on the Discovery channel, you’ll understand the concept. It’s a fierce interpretation but it’s true. Just like any mother in nature, you best believe that a work at home mom will protect her investment to the bloody end and unlike most businesses where opposition is actually appreciated, a work at home mom doesn’t laugh in the face of a competitor. A work at home mom will pull out the big guns because it’s mortal combat time! So if you can’t run with the big dogs, keep your rump on the porch with the pups.

When a work at home mom feels threatened, she’s protecting her young and even her business is considered a baby. She feeds it and nurtures it, she’s proud of it when it accomplishes great tasks, she applauds it when it brings in more business and if someone threatens it, well, you better get out your suite of armor cause it may be a long fight with many defeats before a true winner is proclaimed.

Hopefully, you’re not afraid and if you are, well if I were you I wouldn’t go into business but if you understand and all of that sounds fine and dandy to you…you may have the makings of a work at home mom. If you like to take risks, if you like competition and  feel you can protect the majesty built from your own two hands-welcome to the world of “WAHM”.

The world of “WAHM” is polluted with those who have been there and done that, those who quickly gave up to move onto to yet another failure. If you can’t keep your eye on the ball, it’ll smack you in the nose and the same goes with a work at home mom business. It’s a hard job but someone has to do, someone has to stay ahead of the game and if it’s  your baby then you have to rock it everyday.