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Copycats are everywhere on the Internet especially, I would’ve loved to have seen the face of the first work at home mom with an online business when she logged on a month later and notices over a thousand businesses just like hers. That’s okay, some may copy but they can’t duplicate. If someone has done a copy on you, check their business out to see what they have done, what they are doing, what they are offering, and what angle are they using and is it seriously going to affect your business. Be realistic about evaluating your competition, don’t assume that their business will go nowhere because it could affect you more than you plan.

Ups and downs are simply a part of business, this is one rule that still applies in the world of “WAHM”. Be prepared for it, no matter how successful you are, how successful  you have continued to be or what your plans for the future are, don’t get cocky because in the dog eat dog world of “WAHM” you can be here today and gone tomorrow.

Not only will work at home moms protect their business the same as their children, they will criticize too. If you have an online business, don’t be surprised when another work at home mom e-mails you just to say, “hi”. Have you seen any vampire movies? You know that a vampire can’t come in until the owner of the house invites them in and then you can’t get rid of them, watch what happens as soon as you reply! A work at home mom knows her territory, she knows you’re a new kid on the block and the first line of her reply, after your reply will be a subtle complaint disguised as a gesture of help and friendship.

The first rule about criticism you need to learn is ” the I don’t care” mentality. Who’s running your business? You are! So who gives a hoot what this other work at home mom is telling you. Ask yourself one simple question, if she’s so successful…why does she want to help you?

How is she going to help you by criticizing your online business? Quick answer…ummm, she’s not! This work at home mom is about to rip your business apart, making recommendations that haven’t even been asked for, she’ll tell you how to do everything the wrong way and if it fails, she’ll say, “well that’s how I did it!”

She’s full of it too. Beware of what you get yourself into with respect to other work at home moms. Keep in mind that a successful work at home is at best surprised if you send her an e-mail looking for help from a “WAHM”. Just because there are a lot of cutthroat work at home moms doesn’t mean they are all the same.